Card magic when performed with rhythm, precision timing and a complete understanding of theatrics and how to present it to a live audience, in my personal opinion can very often become the most talked about performance piece that the guests remember about their time spent with the magician.

The impact it can have to this day still amazes me how a beautifully constructed card effect can stay with them for a long time after the celebrations. Reputations are forged with card magic.

To quote a famous magician,
J.N Hofzinser
“Cards are the poetry of magic”

Impromptu magic is effects with everyday objects. This branch of magic is the real test of a magician’s diversity and resolve to perform for an audience with almost no props but with whatever is present, making the whole experience feel seamlessly organic in real world conditions.
The beauty is in the approach and simplicity of the effects in the minds of the audience.

Magician Profile

David is a seasoned magician and his ability to engage and interact with people is something very special indeed. His philosophy is simple “Keep it fun and make it memorable”

Close-up magic in it’s absolute purest and most sophisticated form is the perfect compliment to reception time. Magic has always been an exceptionally good ice breaker, simply because it grabs your attention from the word go and offers you the invitation to be entertained at your leisure in a way that is relaxed and fun.

The reception period is approximately a two hour time-frame of guests arriving to the hotel, sipping champagne and chatting while getting to know each other. An experienced magician can play the part of two roles at once, the entertainer first and foremost and the host who utilizes his sleight of hand and of course his people skills to engage his audience and often bridge the gap between groups of people who may not have been introduced up until now.

I have a wealth of experience performing at weddings throughout Ireland and I know how well this type of structure can work for any size entourage. Strolling magic can be a very different feel compared to dinner table magic and this is what I believe appeals most to my potential clients.

The obvious contrast between them is the luxury offered by strolling magic to interact with a small group of three people and to also have the option, when the opportunity arises to entertain a larger number of twenty or more guests. My goal is as always to leave a lasting impression on everyone that I meet and give them stories to tell.